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    Tuesday, 05 March 2013

    Hong Kong & New York City

    Jump Rampage Debuts on iTunes for iPhone and iPod Touch


    Awabi Games is proud to announce Jump Rampage - now available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch for $0.99.

    More Detail:

    Jump Rampage is a story about what happens when an alien meets evil rabbits - and makes them angry. You are in control of a very jumpy alien who immediately faces trouble from all sides. Standing ruthlessly in his way are matrix-like evil rabbits, who dress in pink with tasteless sunglasses. These things are mean and they pack a punch, and must be avoided at all costs! You must jump rapidly, use jetpacks, grab coins, and steal red power shoes, or it's all over. And here's a little secret - don't ever run into an evil rabbit without a good shield! Beware at all times: Jump Rampage is an iPhone experience that facilitates jump-based, coin-powered, Alien-To-Rabbit fight situations. Do not try this anywhere else, even if you have access to a real alien.

    Tilt your iPhone to jump and fly, tap the screen to start the jetpacks, and beware of the awful pink bunnies. Without a shield, you will go down in flames! Grab all the coins you can to get the weapons you need to defeat evil rabbits and navigate challenging platforms. Can't get past the evil rabbits? Check out the shop where powerups like jetpacks, coin magnets and shields will prepare you for battle!
    Challenge your friends - compare scores, heights, and all the coins you've bagged. Go ahead - brag a little. It's all in good fun. Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards challenge even the hardiest jumper. And we're Retina and iPhone 5 optimized. And remember, don't make the evil rabbits angry. You won't like them when they're angry!

    ✔ Catapults, Evil Rabbits, and Impossible Platforms await you...
    ✔ Turbo Jumping, Jet Flying, and Accurate Tilting guide you...
    ✔ Jetpacks, Coin Magnets, and Protective Shields power you...
    ✔ Nasty, sinister Evil Rabbits.

    ✔ Magic shoes enable Turbo Jumping!
    ✔ Jetpacks help you soar when you reach Impossible Platforms.
    ✔ Shields protect you from EVIL RABBITS.
    ✔ Coin Magnets make you rich and powerful in the store.
    ✔ The Coin Doubler doubles every coin you collect!
    ✔ Submit scores to Facebook. Beat your friends!
    ✔ Global Leaderboard and Achievements with Game Center.


    With a decade of web and software design, Awabi Games recently released Jump Rampage for the iPhone. Available now on the iTunes App Store, it is intended to give evil rabbits everywhere pause for thought.

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  • Headquartered in Hong Kong and the US, Awabi Games is an iPhone game developer specializing in games with evil rabbits and aliens doing battle while jumping into space.
    Our latest game, Jump Rampage is currently available on the iTunes App Store.



    Philip McEvilly
    Managing Director
    United States

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